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The Munros (and other mountains)

The "Munros" are Scottish mountains of height 3000 feet and above .. they were first listed by Sir Hugh Munro, and his Tables were first published in 1891.

Since then, changing Ordnance Survey data has led to changes in Munro's Tables, with the last revision in 1997 listing 284 Munros and 511 associated Tops.

The Scottish Mountaineering Club maintains a list of those who have registered their climb of all the Munros, known as "Compleat Munroists".
Compleat Munroists can also register when they've climbed all the 511 associated Tops, and when they've climbed all the 3000ft summits in England and Wales, known as the "Furth of Scotland".

No definitive criteria exist for the distinction between Munro summits and Tops .. judgement has been based on the drop in height and intervening distance between adjacent summits,
their character and the character of the intervening ground, and the time that might be taken to go from one to the other.

In recent years, the Munro Society proved that Sgurr nan Ceannaichean and Beinn a'Chlaidheimh fell below the magic 3000.
These new measurements were accepted by the SMC, and the Munro total has been reduced to 282.

There are 21 "Furths" .. 4 main summits and 2 associated tops in the Lake District in England, and 8 main summits and 7 associated tops in North Wales.
There are no 3000ft summits in Northern Ireland, but the Republic has 7 main summits and 6 associated tops.

Scottish hills between 2500 and 3000ft height, with certain separation between them, are known as "Corbetts" .. and those between 2000 and 2500ft are known as "Grahams".
There are currently 222 Corbetts and 231 Grahams.  There's a separate list of 87 summits 2000ft and over in the South of Scotland known as "Donalds" ..
these names belong to the people who originally prepared that list of summits.

Our Club currently has 14 Munroists ......

Jim Waterton compleated on An Caisteal in May 1990.

Jim is Compleat Munroist No. 746.

Jim also completed the Corbetts on Mam na Gualainn in September 2000.

Jim completed a second round of the Munros on Am Faochagach on 8 October 2009.

Bob MacDonald compleated on Sgurr Dubh Mor in September 1998. (Read about it?)

Bob is Compleat Munroist No. 2003.

Bob also completed the Irish 13 in June 1996, the Tops in July 2006, the Corbetts on Beinn Tharsuinn in August 2006, the Furths in September 2006, the Donalds on Meikle Mulltaggart in November 2014 and the Grahams on Meith Bheinn in July 2015.

Allan Boyd compleated on Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe) in May 1999. (Read about it?)

Allan hasn't registered his compleation.

Allan also completed the Corbetts on Ben Vrackie in October 2012 and the Irish 13 in June 1996.

James Anderson compleated on Beinn na Lap in November 1999. (Read about it?)

James is Compleat Munroist No. 2259.

James also completed the Donalds on Croft Head in October 2023.

Andy McGowan compleated on An Socach (Affric) in June 2000. (Read about it?)

Andy is Compleat Munroist No. 2507.

Andy also completed the Irish 13 in June 1996, the Furths in September 2001 and the Donalds on Craignaw in April 2010.

Gordon King compleated on Ladhar Bheinn in August 2001.

Gordon is Compleat Munroist No. 2587.

Gordon also completed the Corbetts on Dun da Ghaoithe in October 2010 and the Grahams on Beinn Bharrain in October 2017.

Mark Setford compleated on Sgurr a'Mhaoraich in July 2002. (Read about it?)

Mark is Compleat Munroist No.

Mark also completed the Irish 13 in June 1996 and the Corbetts on Beinn Airigh Charr in May 2011.

Willie Robison compleated on Creag nan Damh in August 2004. (Read about it?)

Willie is Compleat Munroist No. 5188

Willie also completed the Irish 13 in June 1996, the Furths in September 2001 and the Corbetts on Ben Donich in March 2012.

Ian Moffatt compleated on Ben More (Mull) in September 2004. (Read about it?)

Ian is Compleat Munroist No.

Tom Cuthbert compleated on A'Ghlas-bheinn in September 2007 (Read about it?)

Tom is Compleat Munroist No. 4018.

Iris Moffatt compleated on Aonach Mor in July 2008. (Read about it?)

Iris is Compleat Munroist No.

Allan Hutcheon compleated on Ciste Dhubh in June 2010. (Read about it?)

Allan is Compleat Munroist No.

Miriam Murphy compleated on Slioch in May 2012. (Read about it?)

Miriam is Compleat Munroist No.

Richard Charnock-Smith compleated on Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond) in September 2012. (Read about it?)

Richard is Compleat Munroist No. 5126

Alasdair Anderson compleated on Sgurr Alasdair in April 2021.

Alasdair is Compleat Munroist No. 6959

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