Here are the details on how to join the Club, or renew your current membership ....

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Ordinary Membership is open to anyone who is currently in full-time employment with any company within ScottishPower or British Energy or those who are in receipt of a pension from any of these companies AND who are currently registered members of their Soc and Rec Association.

A special arrangement has been made by the Cathcart Centre Soc and Rec Association for those on contract or fixed-term working, to become Ordinary Members by paying an annual fee in addition to the Club Ordinary Membership Fee, which brings all the other benefits of Soc and Rec membership.

Read more about Soc and Rec Associations?

Associate Membership is open to anyone who does not meet the criteria for Ordinary Membership.

Family Membership is open to the spouse or partner, and children up to the age of 18, of Ordinary or Associate Members.

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The membership forms are available below to download, complete and save, then either print or e-mail .. please complete one form for each full member.

There are still two ways to pay:

(Remember to make your payment only for membership fees .. keep any outing fees for separate payment!)

Please forward completed forms, and any cheques, as soon as possible .. and certainly before the cut-off date of Friday 31 March 2017 .. to:

Willie Robison, 133 Avon Street, Motherwell ML1 3AL

An early return would be appreciated as the Club's cash flow going into the next financial year relies on YOUR subscription!

If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail ...

... and remember that you won't receive outings information after the cut-off date if you haven't paid your membership!!

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2017/2018 Fees (including Mountain Rescue donation of 2)

Ordinary membership 15.00
Associate membership 35.00
Partner/Child 5.00

Membership Forms

You can download your Membership Form for completion on screen, saving and returning ....

Ordinary Membership  Associate Membership

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