Special Winter Backpacking Weekend
from Sunday 14 to Tuesday 16 April 2024

Main map required is LandRanger 40 Loch Shiel .. but you may need others .....

This is now a past outing .. you can read about it soon!


This year it is proposed to have a slightly different bothy experience, by going to Peanmeanach Bothy on the Ardnish peninsula, which is now privately run by the Estate.  Access is via the A830 near Lochailort on the Fort William to Mallaig road.  It is no longer an ‘open’ bothy for anyone’s use and there is a small charge for using it.  The walk-in takes about 2.0 to 2.5 hours.

This trip involves a two-night stay at the bothy for some remote walking and an evening sing-song around the fire.  Camping is also an option in the near vicinity, depending on space in the bothy and individual preferences.  The proposal is to drive up on the Sunday morning, park the cars and walk into the bothy. This will give us easy access to the sea loch for an early morning dip and climb some of the high points close to the bothy.

We'll walk back out on the Tuesday morning for the drive back home.


I've booked the bothy for two nights and it sleeps six people. If we have more than six people, there is the option to camp close to the bothy. Due to other bookings, I've had to book the Sunday and Monday nights, but hopefully this won’t put members off.

As there is a charge for using the bothy, it is slightly better equipped than the usual bothy, with camp beds and cooking implements.  To see a full list of the bothy facilities and what you will need to bring in yourself, have a look at the website at https://www.ardnish.org/bothy.


All food provisions for the weekend will have to be carried in as there are no shops or tearooms at the bothy.  Don’t forget to leave room in your rucksack for a drink or two.


Travel will be by car to suit individual plans and arrival times for the Sunday.  Car sharing will be organised a few days before we go.


The accommodation will be approx. 90 for the two nights, which can be shared by all the attendees.

What next?

Please let me know if you are interested and your bothy or camping preference.  I will then keep in touch with interested parties and finalise a plan.

Mark Setford, Bothy/Camping Trip Organiser

e:  marksetford@btinternet.com


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