Day Trip to the Peebles area
on Saturday 7 August 2021

Map required is LandRanger 73 Peebles, Galashiels & Selkirk (Tweed Valley),
but you can download a useful map section below ....

This is now a past outing .. like to read about it?

The plan is to meet at 09.30 in the Kingsmeadow car park in Peebles to sort out the walking plans for the day and to start our walks by 10.00 .. the car park is on the south side of the River Tweed across the bridge from the town centre ...

Satnavs:  EH45 9EN
Maps:   GR NT252401
w3w:  ///homelands.slippery.risks

The proposed walks are in and around Glensax and are based on the Dun Rig Horseshoe walk in Walk Highlands .. see

All the walks start at the car park and go along Springhill Road and then Glen Road to the end of the public road. There is limited parking at the end of Glen Road - space for 3 to 5 cars - that we may be able to use and thus save a 1 mile/20 minute walk at the start and finish of the day.

Proposed Routes

Download an OS map of the area?

Walk 1

From the car park follow the route of the Cross Borders Drove Road ( over Kirkhope Law to the junction of paths at NT273343 near the end of the forest on Yellow Mire. From here take the path on the right and descend to the Glensax Burn and follow the track and then the road back to the start point.

Distance 14 km
Total ascent 370m
Likely time 3 - 4 hours

Walk 1 +

Continue on the ridge over Stake Law to Dun Rig and then descend to the head of Glensax and walk along the track and then the road back to the start point.

Distance 22 km
Total ascent 680m
Likely time 6 - 7 hours

Walk 1 ++

Continue on the ridge over Glenrath Heights and Huddleshope Heights to complete the horseshoe walk with an optional out-and-back visit to Stob Law en route.

Distance 27 km
Total ascent 940m
Likely time 8 - 9 hours

Walk 2

For a more leisurely day, an out-and-back walk along the track to the head of Glensax. The walk could be shortened by not walking the full length of the glen.

Distance 12 km
Total ascent 170m
Likely time 4 hours

For other walks in the area see

What next?

If you're going on this walk, please let me know by Wednesday 4 August so that I know who to expect ...!

Willie Robison, Peebles Organiser

m:  07947 350531


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