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August Day Trip to Peebles

The weather forecast for the day walk was not good .. rain with the possibility of thunder storms was the general theme, although the details of the amount and the times kept changing. The walking plans and the number of attendees also kept changing and on the day 4 of us enjoyed a short walk up and around Cademuir Hill in good weather except for one shower of rain on the ascent of the hill.

Starting from the car park we followed the John Buchan Way to a high point on Cademuir Hill. Leaving the JBW we then entered the forest area on top of the hill, most of which has been felled, and found there were numerous paths and biking trails that were not on our maps. We managed to navigate our way to the summit which we found to be a good viewpoint with a cairn and a picnic bench. We made use of the picnic bench for our lunch stop while taking in the views. Resuming the walk we descended through some of the remaining forest to the car park on the east side of the hill. From there we had a short road section before joining the footpath beside the Crookston Burn, known as the Cut, to take us to Glen Road which we followed to Victoria Park. A short walk through the park brought us back to the car park.

Cademuir  The Cut

We finished the day off with coffee and cake in the Ramblers Cafe and thanks go to Hamish who settled the bill and refused all offers of recompense. The forecast heavy rain arrived in the evening by which time we were all safely back in our respective abodes.

GPS data for the walk .. distance 9.3km(5.8mls) .. total time 3hrs .. walking time 2hrs 15mins .. walking speed 4.1km/h.

Willie Robison

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August Weekday Walk to the Galston area

Steven and Hilary, Allan, Bob, Ian and Iris, Hamish and John assembled at the Barr Castle car park in Galston on a lovely hot August summer’s day. The group decided, without her consent, that Hilary should be the leader for the walk, and we all set off through the side streets of Galston, admiring the house facing onto the Anne Burn.

We were soon following the uphill track in the well shaded and cool Burnhouse Brae Woods along the burn, then crossed the road to climb a steeper path into the Cessnock Woods.

We then walked some distance along the road in the hot sun where Hilary decided her legs were not up for this, resigned her position as team leader, and headed off back to Galston on her own on a less strenuous route.

The rest of us continued to the Irvine Valley Paths Network sign, taking some refreshments before proceeding to the more sheltered woodland path, and downhill through a meadow of plastic protected tree saplings.

On the Burn Anne Walk

We were then back on the road turning right and climbing up the hill to Stoneyhall. We were soon overtaken by “Men in Lycra” as the speedy cyclists raced downhill leading us into the valley and the town of Newmilns.

Here we turned west and walked along the path on the banks of the river Irvine to Galston. We passed impressive houses with garden decks backing onto the river, and viewed the river bank reconstruction to prevent further bank erosion.

Hilary in the meantime had organised a table in the beer garden at the back of the Wee Train Inn in Galston where refreshing drinks and food were consumed in the sunshine.

And so ended a very warm and enjoyable day, and we all lived happily thereafter!

Steven Anson

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