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'September' Weekday Walk to the Kilpatricks

"Caught by the Kilpatricks"

There were 5 who met up in the car park at Overtoun House for a stroll in the Kilpatricks .. Andy, Gwen, James, Steven and Bob .. and, probably due to my old 2014 maps, we were indeed caught by new deer fencing and a quarry diversion at the start, not to mention a steep descent at the end which Gwen and Steven preferred to avoid.

We set off in glorious sunshine towards the residence mapped as "Middleton" which allegedly had a bypassing track leading to Greenland Farm. After skirting the house and walking through what must be their large front garden, we were faced with an extensive deer fence, which eventually had to be climbed at its closes point to the Greenland road. We then discovered that the old quarry was now in full production, with a long field-edge diversion to the west provided, which brought us at last to the forest entrance.

From there it was plain sailing all the way up to the Black Linn Reservoir, followed by a short boggy ascent to the summit of Doughnot Hill .. thanks to Scottish Water for cutting the grass on the dam ready for us!

Doughnot Hill

After eating a sandwich and drinking in the views, we returned across the dam .. where fishing was now in progress .. and followed a new forestry road towards the Lang Craigs and the path that traverses above the cliffs. The views across the Clyde and to the Arrochar alps, and further north, were spectacular because the weather was so clear. Bob found the direct descent route to Overtoun, but Gwen, who had been struggling with the sometimes precarious path, decided it was just too steep, so we continued on the path towards the forest entrance of our upward route. So Bob and James headed down and Steven, Gwen and I negotiated the field edge diversion once again, when I phoned James to let them know where we were. Having been at the car park for some time, he very kindly drove up the Greenland road to meet us, saving us 2km of road walking!

And so another enjoyable Weekday Walk was over despite being caught by various difficulties, but boosted by the great weather .. and Gwen and I shortly discovered that the Stonefield Carvery is now firmly closed! Just as well the rest went straight home .......


GPS data for the walk:  14km (8.69 miles) distance, 360m (1180 ft) ascent, 4hrs 24mins (Andy, Gwen and Steven)    View GPS route?

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