February Day Trip to Broughton Heights

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Bob and I met James and Ally in Cambuslang and set off down the M74 to the Abington services, where we had arranged to meet Steven and Heidi for a quick cup of coffee.  The coffee shop was very slow, but we eventually all got something warm to drink.  The coffee delay meant that we were a bit late to meet Willie at the Broughton car park. 

We set off along the John Buchan Way, but left it in less than 1km and climbed steeply to the summit of Clover Law.  At this point, the mist clinging to the hills was starting to clear slowly.  After a descent of some 70 or 80m it was back up to Broomy Side.  We decided to visit the unmarked and indistinct summit, which is a short distance east of the fence.  As there was nothing to mark the spot, a snowman was erected and the hill renamed “Snowman Hill”.  Our route took us down and up to Green Law and then another descent and ascent took us to the highest point for the day, Pyked Stane Hill at 571m.  The sun was now shining, making this a good point to stop for some lunch.

On the ascent   On Snowman Hill   On Pyked Stane Hill, the highest point on Broughton Heights   On the descent

After some deliberation, we decided to vary our return route.  Instead of retracing our steps over Green Law and Snowman Hill, we continued north to Wether Law and then turned east to the summit of Brown Dod.  Heading towards Stobo Hopehead we descended steeply via Flint Hill, hoping to pick up a track marked on the 1:50k map.  There was no sign of a track on the ground, although an old wooden bridge suggested that there had once been one (maybe).  Instead, we crossed some boggy, tussocky ground to reach the JBW a short distance west of Stobo Hopehead.  The JBW is not in a particularly good condition along this section, but we made it to the junction of several tracks at the col between Clover Law and Snowman Hill where there was a convenient bench for a short rest.

It was getting quite late and we agreed to leave the return via Trahenna Hill for another day and returned to the car park on the muddy JBW.  We finished the day with coffee, tea and cake at the Laurel bank tea room in Broughton.  No Grahams or Donalds today, but an excellent ridge walk in the snow with good views and much of it in bright sunshine.

Cornel Brozio

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February Weekend to the Yorkshire Dales

There were 9 who attended this trip staying at The Fountain Hotel in Hawes.  I was first to arrive on Friday, and having negotiated my way through the narrow entrance to the car park, got settled in. Ian and Iris arrived not long after.

We decided to walk over to Hardraw, but after about half way Iris decided to turn back. We continued on over muddy fields to Hardraw and walked up to Hardraw Force.  We stopped in at the Green Dragon before retracing our route back to Hawes.

We met up in the bar for our evening meal and were soon joined by Susan and Debbie. The meals were good and the portions were large with several unable to finish.  Tom and Jean arrived in time to get a meal and finally James and Susan arrived.  Plans for the following day were discussed and several of the ales were sampled.

After a good breakfast on Saturday, Ian and I again headed across to Hardraw, this time with James, Tom and Jean. We continued on the Pennine Way up the slopes of Great Shunner Fell. As we got higher there was a good covering of snow and the paved parts were quite slippy. After a break at the summit, we decided to retrace our steps. At Hardraw, a visit to the Green Dragon for a pint seemed to be required. We then walked back to the hotel.

The 2 Susans and Debbie had planned to take the Pennine Way in the opposite direction to climb Dodd Fell. However they took the wrong path and ended up on the road back to Hawes. On the way, not 1 but 2 police cars stopped and asked them if they wanted a lift. On the second time they accepted as it had started to rain. They were duly released at the Wensleydale Creamery where, after a photo to promote Operation Owl for the RSPB, they went inside to sample the products before walking back to the hotel.

In the evening, we again met up in the bar for dinner and conversation.

At Hardraw Force   On Great Shunner Fell   Operation Owl   On Sunday

On Sunday, Susan and Debbie were heading home after breakfast. Tom and Jean made a visit to the Creamery before driving home. James and Susan headed down to the Ribble Viaduct then to Chapel le Dale where they went on the 5km Limestone Walk around the limestone pavements, sink holes and caves on the approach to Ingleborough, including descending into Great Douk Cave. After lunch in Ingleton they headed home. 

Ian and I were going to take a walk along the ridge that we could see from the back of the hotel .. in the main picture above. This view has the odd sight of a wall running through the middle of a railway bridge!  It was a walk up the, in places steep, road to get to the start of the track, by which time the mist had come down. So although it was a nice walk, we didn’t get the views that we had hoped for. On our return we drove to the Creamery where we met up with Iris. After some cheese sampling and buying a coffee and scone, I headed home.

Everyone commented that they enjoyed the stay and that we should return in the future.

Bob MacDonald

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