Bens Vrackie and a'Ghlo

16 club members (Ian and Iris, James and Susan, Alasdair and Cat, Steven and Hilary, Debbie, Susan L, Bob, Willie, Gordon, Andrew, Heidi and Elena) attended the weekend at the Moulin .. 15 staying at the Moulin Hotel, with Elena in a B&B in Pitlochry. The Club was last there in 2014.

A few of the group walked on the Friday .. Willie walked to the Craigower viewpoint, while Bob climbed Ben Vrackie. The rest of the Group arrived early evening at the Moulin to enjoy a bar supper in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel. Everyone was a bit alarmed at Elena’s frankness when she texted to say she wouldn’t make the meal as she’d been walking all day and was naked .. fortunately we quickly realised that spell check had been at work and Elena was in fact knackered. I think the hotel was somewhat surprised to have Giffnock’s very own Egon Ronay in their midst keeping the kitchen on their toes in a quest for a perfect Sporran of Plenty (steak stuffed with haggis).

On Saturday a few Munros were bagged. Bob, Willie, Heidi and Steven climbed Carn Liath and nearly got blown over by the wind at the summit. Meanwhile Alasdair and Cat had got on their bikes and headed for the start of the first Munro of the weekend Ben Dearg, while James cycled up to Sronphadruig Lodge and climbed the Corbett, A'Chaoirnich (Maol Creag an Loch to us oldies .. Ed).  Meanwhile Debbie, Susan L, Ian, Elena (accompanied by Marcus), Gordon and Andrew followed the Bealach path - an 11 mile walk part way up Ben Vrackie then veering off to Killiecrankie and into Pitlochry at the north end. Gordon (post completion of his Grahams) felt he was on a motorway as it was such a good path. Elena decided to break off from the group and ascend Ben Vrackie accompanied by the ever faithful Marcus. Susan A and Hilary did an 8 miler between Pitlochry and Killiecrankie in between catching a delicious lunch at the Killiecrankie Hotel. The Bealach walkers met up with Iris in the town and enjoyed a swifty in the Watermill hotel.

Saturday night saw the hotel a bit quieter, the group having reduced to 15, but we managed to acquire the best 2 tables in the bar beside the fire and enjoyed another excellent meal and a few sherries.

Outside the Moulin   Ascending Carn Liath   Take a breather and admire the views   The view of Ben a'Ghlo   On the summit

On Sunday, some of the group did more low key walks .. the Andersons and the Ansons did a circular walk round Loch Ordie near Guay, while Willie and Bob did a Graham, Blath Bhalg, and Elena did the Bealach walk. Cat and Alasdair did the club proud with their second Munro of the weekend, Carn a’Chlamain. Susan and Debbie headed home, and Gordon and Andrew kept their plans close to their chest.

On Blath Bhalg

The weekend weather was excellent (for most of the walkers), sunny on the Saturday although fairly Baltic and similar weather on the Sunday.

Susan Logan

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