Special Winter Backpacking Trip

Gleann Dubh Lighe Bothy  Braigh nan Uamhachan  Ascending Streap  Ascending Streap  On the summit of Streap  Gleann Dubh Lighe Bothy

This year, we decided to visit Gleann Dubh-Lighe bothy, which is accessed from the Fort Willaim-Mallaig road. James and Bob were the advance party, and after brunch at Fort William and a short drive it took them approximately 50 minutes to walk into the bothy.  It was still early in the afternoon, so smaller bags were packed and the Corbett Braigh nan Uamhachan was bagged.  Miriam and I were travelling up later in the day, and we arrived at the car park at 7pm. Others were also packing for the trip into the bothy and some had bikes. It was dark, but we made good progress and arrived at the bothy just after everyone else .. but James amd Bob had rolled out the towels so we had a decent sleeping space.  It was a good night, with a roaring fire and plenty of whisky. Well, it must have been good, as lights out was well after midnight !

In the morning we packed our bags for an attempt on the Corbett Streap. It was a fairly level start along a track, but quickly turned into a steep climb up the face of Streap Comhlaigh .. a top of Streap. Near the top Bob decided to call it a day and take his time heading back to the bothy. The rest of us pressed on and got to the summit of the top. There was a reasonable amount of snow and after taking a compass bearing we headed along the ridge. It was a lot further than we thought, but eventually we made it to the top of Streap and got some reasonable views. After a break we decided to head back along the ridge, and at the low point headed directly down into the glen. The sun came out and it got quite warm. Eventually we made it back to the bothy where Bob was waiting. A final pack and then it was short walk out to the cars and the drive home. We treated ourselves to coffee and cake at Glencoe village.

Gleann Dubh-Lighe is a very comfortable bothy, which was rebuilt after a fire in 2011.

Mark Setford

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March Weekend to Ballater

Conachcraig  Meikle Pap  Lochnagar  Morrone  Morven

There was glorious weather for the Club’s trip to Ballater, with the 1st day of summertime genuinely being a summer’s day. 10 people attended the weekend organised by Debbie .. 4 of the Anderson clan (James, Susan, Ali and Cat), Bob, Debbie and Susan, together with the “one nighters” Heidi, Steven and Allan.

On Friday, Allan and David climbed Hunt Hill, while Bob climbed Morrone at Braemar.  Everyone staying on Friday had arrived by 8pm and enjoyed a delicious meal in the hotel while Heidi shared her recent holiday experiences with us all.

We were joined on Saturday by Allan and David and Corrie the dog, before we all left to do various walks in the area. Bob, Heidi and Steven climbed Conachcraig and Meikle Pap.  Allan, David and Corrie climbed Broad Cairn.  Susan L and Debbie walked Sgor Buidhe .. a circular walk starting and finishing in Braemar. Susan A walked along the Deeside Way to Dinnet before catching the bus back to Ballater.  James, Ali and Cat climbed the Corbett Sgor Mor from the Linn of Dee car park via White Bridge and reported that they had enjoyed tremendous views of the Cairngorms.

On Sunday, with the weather still glorious, Susan A visited the Muir of Dinnet nature reserve and walked around Loch Davan and Loch Kinord. Bob and James climbed the Corbett Morven from Balhennie. While they initially had the hill to themselves, the car park soon filled up and a large group arrived while they were on the summit. They reported that the views of Lochnagar and the Cairngorms were tremendous. Bob and James then returned to meet Susan at the nature reserve.

Allan climbed Mona Gowan and Geallaig, while Ally and Cat drove down to Glenshee and climbed the Munros Carn Aosda, Carn a'Gheoidh and The Cairnwell (plus associated tops) before heading back to Glasgow.

The Deeside Inn was very comfortable and accommodating, with Debbie having a good go at sleeping in a different room every night of the trip after an unfortunate placing near the noisy boiler on the Friday and by Saturday, the hotel had moved both Susan and Debbie to a new room, but alas not all of Susan’s key clothing essentials. Nevertheless, a relaxed and convivial meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all on the Saturday night .. the food was again excellent.


The perfect weather, and a lovely hotel that served excellent food, made for a very enjoyable weekend.

Debbie Gallacher

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