June Day Trip to Schiehallion

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After a long period of fine weather it was looking good for the day trip to Schiehallion.  At Cathcart it was overcast, but Bob, Diane and Steven were ready to go so we set off and headed to Ballinluig for breakfast.  As we got further north the sky was turning blue and the sun came out.  At Ballinluig we met the rest of the team. Another eight ! After breakfast we drove through Aberfeldy, Weem, Dull (twinned with Boring in Oregon, USA) and finally onto the Schiehallion road.

On arrival at the Braes of Foss Car Park we just managed to squeeze in.  After a quick change we headed off along the path up the mountain.  Fairly flat to start with then a stiff climb up onto the east ridge.  There were plenty of opportunities taken to stop and admire the views.  There was a good path until we reached a significant cairn.  The route levelled off at this point, but the path became less clear as we climbed over the boulders.  There were good views to the north and back towards Aberfeldy.

Within a fairly quick time we had overcome the boulders and reached the summit, which had fine views towards Glencoe in the west.  We found a sunny spot and had lunch.  After a long lunch the customary group photos taken.  We then headed down back the way we had come, taking time to admire the views.

Ascending Schiehallion  On the ascent  Summit of Schiehallion  On the descent  View from the top

A quick stop was made for Steven to get a photo of himself alongside the Dull (and Boring) village sign and then it was on to the pub in Weem for a well deserved drink. The pub was very quiet and Steven was keen for a drink, so took it on himself to help the 'manyana' barman and serve some drinks behind the bar. Not bad for a beginner !

Dull or boring?  The Barman's Apprentice

A good day out …….. As mentioned on our last visit, Schiehallion never fails to disappoint.

Mark Setford

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June Weekend to Hadrian's Wall

The June Weekend was a return to an area we visited a few years ago .. another section of Hadrian’s Wall was the order of the day. Eight of us made the journey from Glasgow .. Bob, Heidi, Steven, Hilary, James, Susan P, Susan L and me.

Our base this year was the very comfortable B&B The Scotch Arms Mews in Brampton, which turned out to be a bit of a find as it was top class, with very comfortable modern rooms, a bar selling very reasonable priced drinks and excellent breakfasts to start out the day.

Once everyone had arrived on the Friday evening, we set off to the Howard Arms Hotel, a mere 5 minute walk from our B&B where we managed to bag ourselves a table. The food was the usual pub fayre and they had local ales on tap. During dinner it was discussed that a race along Hadrian’s Wall starting in Carlisle would be taking place during our walk, but with it starting at 7.30am, we didn’t think we would see to many people .. famous last words!!  

On Saturday the weather was nice with a bit of sun showing, and t-shirts and light trousers, rather than water proofs was the attire of the day.

All our group decided to walk the section of Hadrian’s wall which I had suggested, Greenhead to Walton. This involved a hop on a local bus to the start of our walk, and once we arrived at Greenhead finding the start of the walk proved to be a little harder than we had thought, and we ended up starting our walk at an earlier stage, High Wall Crags, about a mile further away than my original start point.

Once we got walking, we were quickly passed by a runner who was actually the leader of the race that had started from Carlisle at 7.30am. From there on in, we met many runners, walkers and cyclists along this section .. it seemed the race was staged but even at this early stage, with a mere 70 miles to go, some people were in a sorry state ....

This section of the walk, while not as spectacular as Housesteads to Steel Rig, it did have a lot going for it, with excellent views, and still a lot of sections of the Wall to see, as well as Birdswold Fort, and our party of 8 quickly got into a habit of stopping to take pictures and admire some of the Milecasters and Forts along the way. So much so, that Susan Paterson managed to trip over her own feet into a rusty wire fence and scratch her arm, but this was quickly dealt with by James (Dr) Anderson and his trusty first aid kit. A pretty nasty bruise was the result later that day.

Walking the Wall  Walking the Wall

Nearly 10 miles into our walk we lost two of our walkers, who had decided that tea and cake would be the order of the day, especially when we told them there was about 3 more miles of walking to be done, and a local taxi was called, who whisked the ladies back to Brampton where they enjoyed tea and cake at a local tea-room.

The rest of us ploughed on, with the path now hitting some country roads, and across fields. The last of the wall had petered out at the 10 mile point, so not a lot to see, other than green fields and cattle. The last mile of our walk to Walton proved to be the undoing of the group when we had to walk uphill on the road, and it was decided unanimously to call it a day at this point. Roughly 12.6 miles was walked, and we called a taxi to take us home to Brampton a mere 3 miles away. It was the same taxi driver who had picked up the ladies earlier, so we knew they had arrived safely. On arriving back the sun was out on the patio at the B&B so drinks were purchased and we enjoyed the last rays of the day.

Dinner had been pre-booked for a local restaurant for 7.30pm, so after a quick shower we were back out, and again 5 minutes later we were at our destination. The restaurant had recently changed hands, and it became quite clear, quite quickly that it may no longer have the high standards of its predecessor, with starters taking 45 mins to arrive and another 40 mins for our mains. This  was not ideal, but the food was delicious and a very high quality and the staff apologised about the delays. We headed back to the B&B to find at 10.15pm that they had closed the bar as it has been very quiet night. Some of the group at this stage ventured to the Howard Arms, but ended up at another hostelry for a last drink.

After a good night’s sleep, and another hearty breakfast we all departed on our various journeys back to Glasgow, with all agreeing that the walking and the weekend had been a great success.

Debbie Gallacher

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