April Day Trip to the Fife Coastal Path

Off to Fife again! Will the weather and travel conditions be similar to those on our Christmas trip ..?

This time, a group of 12 headed for Leven to catch the 0950 bus for Elie .. judged to be a reasonable travel time leaving Cathcart at 8am ...

Andy, Gwen, Susan and Debbie; Bob, Willie and Allan; Jean and Tom; Steven and Heidi; John Gormley

But e-mail chat about roadworks and associated difficulties persuaded everyone to leave a few minutes earlier just in case. After all, the next bus wouldn't be until 1050 ....

And guess what? The M74/73 junction roadworks had closed the exit to the M8, so our group kept on the M73 and took the M9 eastwards to the FRB approaches, and fortunately arrived at Leven in good time for the bus. Others had similar experiences, but despite some phone calls and messages, everyone assembled and the bus departed with a full complement. Some even had time to secure a roll and sausage from the local caff .....

We got off the bus at Earlsferry and headed for the beach. Low tide was scheduled for 10.37, so we could stroll along the sands quite easily in the pleasantly sunny, but cold, conditions. The group split into two at the junction of the Chain Walk and the ascent to the clifftops, with Allan, Bob, Willie, Steven and Heidi opting to traverse the half-kilometre rocky route round Kincraig Point using the 8 chains for the tricky ascents and descents. The others watched their progress from above, and the two groups finally met up at Shell Bay for a lunchtime sandwich.

Above the coastline at Shell Bay  On the Chain Walk  On the Chain Walk  On the Chain Walk  Some of the group high above the Chain Walk

The long traverse of Largo Bay to Lower Largo was interrupted only to take the Club's first selfie using the selfie stick newly purchased by Gwen. Some practice in its use is obviously needed, as it's difficult to frame the shot in sunny conditions with the camera screen so far way! Sorry for cutting off your head Allan ...!

The group near Lower Largo  The Club's first selfie ..?

Download a map of the area?

The group began to string out on the last leg to Leven, with the faster walkers arriving a good bit before the slower. But everyone met up at the bus station again at 3.30pm having covered the 14.8km in a leisurely 5 hours. It was agreed to just return home without stopping off for our customary refreshment, and we said our goodbyes after another successful, and sunny, trot along the marvellous FCP. We'll be back ...!


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