August Day Trip to the Glen Etive area

Having been picked up on the A82 by Willie and James we stopped at Tyndrum to regroup and discuss vehicle arrangements in order to allow Willie’s through walk from Glen Etive to Victoria Bridge visiting Ben Agony en route.

Allan agreed to take Mark, James, and myself onto Glen Etive in order that we three could visit Beinn Trilleachan (839m).  Allan then returned to the starting point for Beinn Fhionnlaidh where the others would be waiting.

Beinn Fhionnlaidh  On the summit of Beinn Fhionnlaidh

Ben Trilleachan

Having been dropped off at the head of the Loch we merely followed the easy route visiting the northern top of Meall nan Gobhar first before eventually reaching the summit.  In splendid weather we laboured our return by photographing some of the excellent views that surrounded us as well as the tors and warts of granite that are to be found at the top of the ‘Etive Slabs’.

On the Etive Slabs

Once back by the roadside we started the long home straight to Invercharnan House where Allan, Jim, Hamish, and Douglas had parked.

With it having been such a warm and settled day, we enjoyed a late afternoon drink in glorious sunshine outside the Kings House with the conversation occasionally turning to Willie’s progress or whereabouts.

Finally .. "What do you get when you put a Nissan Micra, full of continental quilts and a maniac for a driver, together?"

Don’t know... speak to Allan Boyd for the answer.


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August Weekend to Glen Shiel

Undeterred by heavy rain and landslips during the week before, a total of 19 made their way to Kintail to enjoy a weekend of walking in bright, sunny weather with only the occasional shower of rain or passing hailstones to contend with en route.

Three hills were climbed on Friday.  Alan B, Bob, James and I tackled Sguman Coinntich at the start of the track to Iron Lodge while Chris, Kenny and Mark headed for all the bumps on Beinn Fhada and Jim W made a solo ascent of A'Ghlas-bheinn.

On Sguman Coinntich

On Saturday, eleven of us, Alan B, Chris, Ian, Iris, James, Jim S, Jim W, Kenny, Mark, Raymond and I made an early start along the old Tomdoun road at the Cluanie Inn.  Our target was the South Shiel Ridge and my target was to complete my round of Munros.  We made good progress in the sunny weather and soon reached the eastern summit of the ridge, Creag a'Mhaim.

Click here for a location map of the area

That is summit number 278 for me and only 6 more and 14km to go.  Elsewhere, Bob and Gordon were making for Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais, Alan H and Charlie were aiming for the Saddle and Linda and Miriam were enjoying morning coffee in the Cluanie Inn.  After a rest to admire the view and have a quick snack, a few photos were taken and then we headed west to the second summit of Druim Shionnach, that's number 279, and then on to Aonach air Chrith, the trembling hill, and number 280.  When we reached the next summit, Maol Chinn-dearg, Linda and Miriam were waiting to join the ridge walkers for the remainder of the walk.  "Have you been waiting long?" they were asked eleven times as we reached the top, one by one.  However, that is summit 281 for me, number 4 for the day and we are halfway along the ridge, time to break out the Moffat Toffees.

On Buidhe Bheinn

Elsewhere, Bob and Gordon were picking out a route to Buidhe Bheinn and Alan and Charlie were making for Sgurr na Sgine.  The next part of the ridge to Sgurr an Doire Leathain afforded good views of Loch Quoich and at long last the Cluanie Inn started to look further away than when we started, hill 282 and only 2 to go.  The traverse to the penultimate summit of Sgurr an Lochain initially involved a steep descent down a narrow ridge and finished with a wee rock climb before gaining the summit, Chris was glad he was wearing his brown trousers, well, he thinks they were brown when he started.  Number 283 and just the 1 remaining.  At this point, the weather started to close in and it looked as if it would follow the traditional pattern for final Munros, but the rain and hailstones eventually passed and by the time I started my final ascent it was dry again.  On the other side of the hill, Bob and Gordon had reached the col, looked over the drystane dyke and found that Alan and Charlie were only a few yards away.  Kenny and Raymond were first to the summit and watched the rest of us ascending from east and west until there was only one to come.  And so it was that I made my way through a Lecki Arch to my final Munro of Creag nan Damh, that's number 284, all done.  After many photographs and a wee celebration with whisky, shortbread and more Moffat Toffees, we made our descent by way of the stalkers path.  Along with Irene S and Iris K, the celebrations continued at night in the much improved Kintail Lodge Hotel where I was presented with a photo-montage, cards, gifts and even a '284' cake.  Many thanks go to everyone for making it such a memorable day.

The final summit awaits  Arriving at the final summit  284 at last!  The hills are alive ....  The support group on the final summit  The celebrations continue ...

The good weather continued on Sunday and while most made a leisurely journey back south, others enjoyed another fine day's walking on the hills.  Allan, Bob, James and I climbed the local Corbett, Sgurr an Airgid while Raymond headed for the 3 Munros of the Sgurr nan Conbhairean group .. then continued through the Bealach Choire a'Chait to A'Chralaig and Mullach Fraoch-choire!  Gordon was on the south side of Loch Cluanie on Beinn Loinne and Ian and Iris abandoned their plans for a low level walk and climbed Beinn Sgritheall.  All in all an excellent weekend and thanks again to everyone for making it so memorable.

On Sgurr an Airgid

Willie Robison (Compleat Munroist)

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